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Imagine The Possibilities

Efficiency and going paperless isn’t always the first thing to come to mind when you think of juvenile justice programs and facilities. But with Smart Form Lab, that can be a reality. Imagine getting a daily email summarizing the prior days activities, rather than having to flip through a pile of binders. Imagine your mental health staff being immediately notified the minute a juvenile is placed on suicide watch. These are just a few examples of what is possible. 

Smart Form Lab apps are designed to meet your specific needs. Apps can be used to manage anything from admissions to discharge. Below is a list of options and functionality that our apps include. We will work with you to determine your needs and find the best solution.

Flexible Data Input Types

Image Capture

Image Capture

Data Form

Short & Long Text


GPS Data


Checkboxes & Radio Buttons

multi select

Multi Select

Date & Time

Signature Capture

Barcode & QR Code Scanning

conditional fields

Conditional Fields

Calculated Fields

Lookup Fields

File & Image Upload

Options to Print, Share & Export

Print individual records, table data, or reports

Export to PDF, Word, Excel or CSV


Reports can be available to all users, or limited by user groups

Advanced Functionality & Integrations

Rest API

Upload to Google Drive


Upload to Microsoft OneDrive

Upload to Dropbox

Upload to Amazon S3


Upload to Wasabi Cloud Storage

calendar & events

Calendars & Events

Custom Email Notices

sms notice

Custom Text Message Notices

Data Encryption

SSL Protocol

About Smart Form Lab

Smart Form Lab is a cloud-based web application, not only designed specifically for juvenile justice, but designed specifically for your agency. We take all of your current forms and integrate them into a comprehensive web app, while working with you to streamline your processes during development. Our apps include a comprehensive list of tools to help you manage everything from admission to discharge.  

Smart Form Lab